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tattoo removalAt Ink Undone we are committed to providing you with a quality service at a fair price.We are confident we are the best value tattoo removal clinic in Melbourne.We determine the cost of removing your tattoo based on factors including the overall size, the age of the tattoo and the range and intensity of colour(s) used in the design.

At your initial consultation (which is free), we will assess your tattoo and give you a realistic cost estimate, including the cost of each treatment and the estimated number of treatments required.We don’t provide quotes over the phone or email.

To give you a general idea: the minimum price for a single treatment session is $63. A large, multicoloured tattoo may require longer treatment sessions and/or additional treatments. A faded black-only tattoo usually requires fewer treatments.

We will quote you a fair price, based on your tattoo.

Breast Cancer Treatment Tattoos


Ink Undone will remove radiation therapy target dot tattoos at no cost for women who have had breast cancer.

When breast cancer treatment includes radiation therapy, a small dot is tattooed at the location where the radiation therapy is administered. The target dot tattoo is as permanent as any other tattoo and can be an unwanted souvenir of the experience. Fortunately these small dot tattoos can be safely and completely removed with Q-Switched laser treatment; most being removed with just two five minute treatments, about six weeks apart.