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Why We Are Different – Green Tattoos

Why are we different to other tattoo removal clinics in Melbourne?

The short answer is, at ink Undone we have a Ruby laser, your best option for removing green ink.

Efficient, effective and safe laser tattoo removal requires the right technology.  Q-switched machines that can deliver very short pulses of high-intensity laser light are essential, and because different tattoo ink colours absorb different wavelengths of laser light, it is equally important that the machines deliver the range of wavelengths to target the full spectrum of tattoo colours.

Green tattoo ink can only be efficiently removed with the 694 Nm wavelength delivered by a Ruby laser.  At ink Undone we have both Q-switched Nd:Yag and Ruby lasers, enabling us to remove tattoos of any colour – even green. (1)

Other clinics may treat green ink using a dye-modified compromise wavelength of 650 Nm at low power.  This can be a slow process requiring extra treatment sessions – and extra cost. Ink Undone is sought out by clients who have had several treatments elsewhere in Melbourne but the green ink remains.

If you want to remove green ink, come and see us at ink Undone.

(1)  The only tattoos that cannot be treated are those with white ink because there is no colour pigment for the laser to sense.