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We are a professional, specialist tattoo removal clinic based in Melbourne. It is all that we do, and we are committed to providing a quality service that is safe, effective and value for money.

We provide extensive training for our staff in laser tattoo removal and all are qualified Laser Safety Officers. In addition to being skilled in the use of lasers, our focus on service, integrity and professionalism means that you can rely on our team to provide the highest level of care.


Your safety is our number one priority and our operations meet the requirements of Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4173:2004, Guide to the Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care.

Best Available Technology (We even remove greens & blues)

At ink Undone we use Quanta System Q-Plus laser technology. Our powerful Q-switched lasers provide very short pulses of high-intensity light, delivered as a square spot of light on the skin. The combination of very short pulses, and even, square-by-square coverage with minimal overlapping of spots allows efficient, successful removal of tattoos without causing unnecessary skin damage.

Specific wavelengths of laser light target different ink colours suspended in the skin. We have both Quanta Q-Plus B and Quanta Q-Plus R machines, delivering the multiple Q-switched wavelengths required to treat all tattoo colours efficiently and effectively.

The Q-Plus R is a Ruby laser – the only real option for proper removal of green and light blue ink. The alternative of using a less powerful dye-modified wavelength, as offered by some clinics, typically involves a higher number of treatments and a slower removal process.